Engine sheet metal

The stock 964 sheet metal will not allow the 964 engine to fit directly into the 911SC engine compartment, but will work with some modifications. (An option to the modification of the stock sheet metal is fiberglass engine shrouding available from Jerry Woods Enterprises. The fiberglass also may need modification in some areas as it was designed primarily to be used in racing applications where the dual fan/alternator pulley is replaced with a single pulley, and the air conditioner compressor is not required.) If one chooses to follow the stock sheet metal modification route, several pieces are affected. The rear piece must have the muffler heat shield cut off, and an additional approximate 1" removed across the rear top, extending about 2" around each corner. This is required to clear the SC engine support brackets. On the front (transaxle) end of the engine, the piece on the right, which covers the area of the power steering pump, must have the bottom cut off to clear the SSI exchangers. The left hand side front piece must have also the bottom trimmed to clear the SSIs, and an additional hole cut to allow the throttle rod to pass through. (Modifications to these pieces are shown in three photos). The side pieces, which have the spark plug wires passing through, require no mods. The photos below show where the sections are trimmed from the original sheetmetal

An additional piece of sheet metal was fabricated to cover the area left vacant by the removal of the power steering pump. This helps to keep exhaust heat out of the engine compartment.

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