CIS Trouble Shooting Guide

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K-Jetronic Troubleshooting Guide

The Contents page below has several common trouble symptoms listed.  The pages that follow the Contents page list the conditions for testing and the possible causes of the symptom.

To use the web version below:

Opposite the major symptom in the Contents page, click the black square which "flips the page" to the section matching the procedure to be followed for testing. These pages are laid out to show the test conditions, possible cause, and procedure to be followed to find the cause. Flip the page (next or previous) at the bottom, or return to the Contents page.

This version of this Troubleshooting Guide is believed to be the last one, and was published in 1978. However, much of the basic information contained in this Guide is valid through the last yearof the CIS in 1983 (covers fuel pump, accumulator, fuel distributor, WUR, Deceleration valve, AAV, AAR,injectors, etc.). It does not cover the Lambda components introduced in the US 1980 year model. Lambda peculiar information may be found elsewhere on this site.

Be sure to note the explanation for the asterisk at the bottom of the Contents page.

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