Mid-year Configuration of the CIS, 1976 - 1979

basic diagram
(Modified '73 - '74 fuel diagram above)

For 1976, there were several significant changes to the CIS. The vacuum operated WUR concept was retained from the US 1975 model, although a different model number was utilized.

An automatic choke and auxiliary air regulator were fitted so that the hand operated throttle valve was no longer required. A safety switch was added at the air flow sensor which operated a fuel pump relay. The switch was situated at the closed position of the air flow plate. When the switch is closed (airflow plate at rest), the fuel pump receives power from the starter voltage. As the engine starts and the airflow plate rises, the relay changes over and the fuel pump now receives power from the ignition switch. The fuel pump relay also supplies power to the WUR and the auxiliary air regulator.

Below are shown the vacuum connections (in dark blue) for the deceleration valve (8) and the thermovacuum switch (4) for the WUR. The yellow line is not a vacuum line, but is sometimes mistaken for one. It is only an atmospheric pressure connection; a source for filtered air for the internals of the WUR.
The white line from number 1 on the throttle body to the bottom of the Deceleration Valve (8) aslo holds a vacuum until the valve opens, then bypass air flows around the throttle valve to the intake manifold. (See Deceleration Valve in the Components description)

Note that the position of the vacuum line and the atmospheric connection on the WUR reverses position from 1977 to the 1978 year models. (See Component Descriptions)