Cold Start Valve Wiring

Early ('73.5 )

Throttle actuated switch began in '73 in series with the Cold Start Valve receiving it's power from the starter voltage. The hand operated throttle had to be raised when starting, which closed the contacts on the throttle switch which was on the ground side of the CSV, completing the circuit.

In '74 the Thermotime switch was added in the ground circuit to set a time limit on how long the CSV could be operated before being powered down. This was to prevent collection of raw fuel in the intake portion of the air box.


With a few small modifications with the connections at the starter, the below diagram reflects the operaion of the CSV through the end of the CIS production with the '83 Model Year. The '76 was the first year to be without the throttle operated microswitch.

Late ('82)

csv wiring 78