Fuel Hose Connections

Basic hose connections on Early systems

Fuel Connections

1. Fuel Tank
2. Fuel Pump
3. Fuel Pressure Accumulator
4. Fuel Filter
5. Fuel Distrbutor
6. Start (Enrichment) Valve
7. Control Pressure Regulator
(Throttle Valve Position)
8. Control Pressure Regulator (WUR)
9. Injection Valve
10. Auxiliary Air Device (Deceleration Valve)
11. Fuel Return Connection

Although there are some changes in the configuration of the individual hoses from model year to model year, the function remains the same:

Pressure line

The pump feeds the accumulator and the filter and on to the Fuel distributor, first branching off at the Cold start valve.

Return line

After the internal regulator in the FD, excess fuel exits the FD and travels through a return line back to the tank.

Control Pressure line(s)

From the top connection on the FD, one hose feeds the Warmup Control Pressure Regulator (WUR). In US '73 and '74 models, another line feeds the Throttle Control Pressure Regulator. From the WUR, one small line returns fuel from the CPR to the main return line and on to the tank, while another small line returns fuel from the TCPR. (In US '75 models, the TCPR is eliminated, however it was still used in the Euro '75 models.)