CIS References

Books on the CIS system - Generic and Porsche specific
(These books are recommended reading for CIS familiarization)


• Bosch PDF: k-Jetronic-book-1.pdf This is one of the first BoschTechical booklets on the CIS. Click on the title to download.

• Bosch "Gasoline & Diesel Injection Products Catalog" 221132 (1996)
Source: Robert Bosch Corporation
Sales Group
2800 South 25th Ave.
Broadview, IL 60153

• "PORSCHE Troubleshooting Guide K-Jetronic" 4533.20 2/78 (Approx 6" x 8" spiral bound book)
Porsche AG
Postfach 400 640
D7000 Stuttgart 40
(The above book is long out of print. I have made available a re-pro version of this notebook in the interest of preserving knowledge of this long out-of-production fuel system. See the Troubleshooting link in the main menu for a web-based version. Email me if interested in a hard copy at $35.00 + $3.00 shipping.**)

• Bosch "Mechanical Gasoline Fuel-Injection System with Lambda Closed-Loop Control K-Jetronic" ISBN 1-85-226030-0. (Pamphlet with theory, pictures.)

• "Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management" by Charles O. Probst, SAE
ISBN 0-8376-0300-5 Robert Bently, Pub. (Covers all the Bosch basic systems, Porsche non-specific).

• Porsche Factory Workshop Manuals covering the '74 - '83 cars. (These manuals have much of the important stuff, but there are still bits and pieces to be picked up in the other books listed. )

• Solving Bosch Continuous Injection System (CIS) Problems, by James Weber,
future education inc. 1-800-475-0727
(Good theory, diagnosis, and repair but not Porsche specific)

• How toTune & Modify Bosch Fuel Injection, by Ben Watson,
Motorbooks International 1-800-826-6600 isbn 0-87938-570-7
(Good theory, diagnosis, tricks, and repair but not Porsche specific)

• PCNA's "Parts and Technical Reference Catalog" (911 Models 1974-1989) PNA 000 147
(Not a CIS book per se, but has some handy parts illustrations on the CIS parts.)

• Porsche tecnical specification book for your year car
(Everything from bolt torques to alignment info. This is a must have
book even if you never work on your own car)

• Porsche Factory Workshop Manual covering 1972 and later model 911, in particular, Volume III, Assembly Group 1 & 2, covering Engine and Fuel system, and Volume IV, covering Assembly Group 8 & 9, Electrical and Wiring Diagrams.

Taken altogether, I don't think this reference material leaves much out. Perhaps others will pick up on something not listed here, and if so let me know and I'll add it to the list.

** I have only 2 of these left as of 1/1/18. When these are gone, they are gone, and I will post the notice here.