Notes on Images from House Plan drawings


The prints for the upper and lower floors are true for the most part. However, the owners requested some changes in the room layouts during construction, which changes did not make their way into the set of prints finally received by the owners.


These are notably on the main floor as follows:


  a. Added closet to study


  b. Added two closets in the hallway


  c. Pocket doors to study off the foyer replacing the double swinging doors


The floor space for these three closets was provided from the north wall of the study.


The owners installed closet shelving after acceptance of the house from the contractor.


The lower floor plan differences are as follows:


  a. Only a single wall was provided between the right and middle garage (viewed from the outside).  The wall with the "Work Bench" was eliminated and closets for storage were installed in its place.


b. A lower deck was added under the main floor deck.


c. The "Storage Closet" now connecting the lower floor bathroom and the main garage was added before construction was completed. This area is not shown in the floor plan, but was added to the heated area of the house. The main Garage has two overhead heat ducts heating (or cooling) it when the lower living area is being heated or cooled.


Two outside windows were added to the north side single garage wall.

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