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  1973 911 RS Look

(Engine page under construction.)

The engine is a 3.1 liter special factory option, of which there are belived to have been only
about 100 produced, available only in ROW 1978 - 1980 911 SC models.

(Type number stamped on this engine – 930/03 *3.1*)

This engine was a Euro factory option on the early SCs. This particular engine was represented by the seller and purchased by me as a rebuilt stock 3.0 liter. The seller advertised it as having only 1500 miles since it was rebuilt. It was neither a stock 3.0, nor had it ever been rebuilt (estimated mileage ~80,000), as some of the photos will show. It took a good bit of research to uncover what I had actually bought. Over the course of a couple of years I rebuilt it and installed it in this ’73, replacing the stock 2.4 T CIS engine. The only deviation from it's original configuration is a set of 964 cams instead of the SC cams..

Specifications –

  • Mahle 3.0 (97 mm) turbo cylinders (with custom Mahle 9.8:1 pistons)
  • Custom CIS components (fuel distributor, etc.)
  • Standard crank and cams
  • 210 PS DIN @ 5800 RPM (with stock ’79 exhaust)
  • With the early '74 exhaust, it should produce about 220 HP.

 The photos (to be posted) show the engine I received from an internet purchase of a "just rebuilt 1500 miles ago" 3.0 liter engine from a "1980 Porsch 911" (turns out to have been from a '79). It also turns out it wasn't a 3.0 liter, and it's
condition shows it had never been rebuilt. One of the morals here is that one must exercise caution when making a
sginificant purchase such as this. The proverbial "pig in a poke".