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1973 911 RS Look - Project Start

As purchased - On its way to my garage.

The PO had spent some time modifying this car to enter the fun of driving on the track. However, the car was now languishing in a storage building, fairly complete, since the PO had decided that he'd really rather spend his retirement years fishing. Eventually over the next weeks an offer was made, a bargain struck and the car was loaded on a trailer ready for a trip to my garage.

1973 on trailer


As Purchased

The car had been set up for the track, but never driven other than a few miles on the street. Many of the mods had been installed, such as the fiberglass front spoiler, rear bumper, and duck tail. And of course the RSR raised spindle front Bilstiens and aluminum S calipers, monoball top strut mounts and strut brace. Oh, and don't forget the steel Carrera flares at the rear. A further expense was the choice of Delrin for every suspension bushing. However, some expenses had been spared in the prep for the track, such as the paint and the underlying body work. The stock 2.4 engine was very tired, and begged to be replaced. The interior had been stripped of carpet, and an Autopower bolt-in cage installed.